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Our Wills & Estates Lawyers in Macquarie Park, North Ryde, will help you to prepare a will that meets your individual requests, considers your family situation and ticks all the formal requirements of the Succession Act 2006.

We will help take all the confusion out of the process, such as work with you to choose the right person(s) to administer and finalise your legal and financial affairs.  The Executor(s) you nominate will have the responsibility of ensuring your wishes are carried out.

You need to ensure that your loved ones are provided for after your death – a will is the best way to achieve that.

If a person has died “intestate” or without a will, the wishes of the deceased person have no way of being known, and the administration of the estate can be expensive and complicated.

Kirkby Lawyers can also advise on how to reduce the risk of someone challenging your will after your death.  Which is all too common these days and can cause a fair amount of stress and burden on your loved ones.  You need to be confident that your assets will be transferred as you wish.

We also handle more complex wills, such as testamentary trusts, and can advise on issues such as guardianship clauses, protective trusts for incapacitated beneficiaries, maintenance & provision of minor children of prior relationships.

Contact our Wills & Estate Lawyers now, on 02 9847 3800.


What does Probate mean? 2018-03-21T16:39:08+00:00

A Grant of Probate is the official recognition by the Supreme Court of the document which constitutes that the last Will is legal and valid.   It acknowledges the right of those named in the Will as executors to administer the estate of the deceased.


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